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From opening orders to working through lender CDs, Pythonic’s suite quickly puts Precision-first AI™ to work for your organization. Start your AI journey with Pythonic.

“We’re excited to continue to innovate and empower our employees and title agents with Pythonic’s precision-first AI tools and services to streamline time-consuming and tedious tasks.”

Alan Capuis, VP of Title and Escrow Production Systems, MyHome, a Williston Financial Group Company

The Key to Success is Pythonic’s 
Precision-first AI.

Solutions that can’t spotlight non-machine-processable data provide a fraction of the value.

AI should provide reliable results. Pythonic brings a unique, precision-first approach to automation. This approach achieves human-level precision or better, automated output, and isolates any data that can’t be processed with high precision. With Pythonic, you’re not left guessing which output you can trust.

Available Title & Escrow AI Services

Order Entry


Automatically open new
orders from purchase


Automatically and intelligently merge the fees and information in lender CDs into your title production system


Automatically categorize and attach incoming documents to the correct files

"Within days of the Pythonic payoff routing integration, I was able to re-assign two staff to higher-quality work."

Aaron Raffel,

Global American Title Agency, Inc.

"We're excited to continue to innovate and empower our employees and title agents with Pythonic's precision-first AI tools and services to streamline time-consuming and tedious tasks."

Alan Chapuis,

MyHome, a Williston Financial Group Company

"I'm okay with our document automation being less than 100% if I know which part of the document we need to go back over. If we have to look over the entire document to find the 3% that isn't accurate, it greatly diminishes any operational gains and defeats the purpose."

President of Operations,

Major Insurance Company

“We’re excited to integrate with Pythonic’s machine learning services to streamline the processing of Closing Disclosures and our fee collaboration workflows."

Chris Richardson,

Stewart Lender Services

"File opening is the beginning of the closing experience, and by using Pythonic’s innovative technologies and expertise, we can automate our data entry and setup tasks, allowing us to open files in record time.”

Jay Hershman,

Baillie and Hershman P. C. Law Offices

“We’re always looking for ways to improve and have long believed that we should leverage the expertise of our staff to enhance customer experiences rather than engaging them in mundane tasks. New technology empowers us not only to automate processes but also to reinvent them, thereby delivering enhanced value to our customers."

Michael Strat,

Proliant Settlement

“Pythonic has been extremely hands-on to help us make our process more adaptable and efficient as we've brought on more clients. Its customer service has also been second to none." 

Ken Julian,

Orange Coast Lending Services

An Easy Choice

Pythonic’s services are plug-and-play 
with your title production system, very
little integration work and no workflow changes.

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Pythonic offers a trial period

to quantify the benefits

of automation on your files.